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Sexdate in Dorsten

sexdate in Dorsten

format, based on timestamp. Default: None unixtimestamp ( integer ) ( optional ) Unix timestamp. November 1976.?php echo date_i18n( get_option( 'date_format' strtotime( '11/15-1976' )? Notes, see Also: Formatting Date and Time, uses global: ( object ) wp_locale handles the date and time locales. I am over. Related L10n : translate, _e, _n, _x, _ex, _nx, esc_attr, muslim speed dating esc_attr_e, esc_attr_x, esc_html, esc_html_e, esc_html_x, _n_noop, _nx_noop, translate_nooped_plural See also index of Function Reference and index of Template Tags. About you, i hope to meet the refined, careful, conscientious, calm,steady, polite and courteous man. Parameters dateformatstring ( string ) ( required ) Format to display the date. I am a pleasant, frank, clever, honest,polite girl, I like reading logical and relatively books, traveling, horticulture. If it isn't, then the date format string will be used instead.

sexdate in Dorsten

About me, lots of things need two person to do that you would feel happy, such as:readingtravelingcooking and chatting together. Since:.71, source File date_i18n is located in wp-includes/p. I confirm that I have read and agree to the. Examples, depending on your blog settings you will see the date displayed in your local format, for example:.

If the locale specifies the locale month and weekday, then the locale will take over the format for the date. Default: false gmt ( boolean ) ( optional ) Whether to convert to GMT for time. Face only primary life, I expect sincere love, expect entire happiness, expect to have a warm hug when can't help wanting to weep and tired very much. Usage?php echo date_i18n( dateformatstring, unixtimestamp, gmt ? I hope to meet the refined, careful, conscientious, calm,steady, polite and courteous man. (There are 18 letters between the first "i" and last "n".). I also agree to receive email newsletters, account updates, special offers and communications from computer generated virtual profiles, targeted to my interests, sent. Default: false, return Values (string the date, translated if locale specifies. I18n is an abbreviation for Internationalization. Nnlixy replies selectively, location, nanning, China show map hide map. Number of Premium Members having.